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The Calm Spot is a self-help tool for reducing or resolving stress, anxiety, trauma and depression, improving sleep and resilience, and feeling more relaxed and at peace with life.

Main Features

SIMPLE Video: Animated video for self-administered EMI Therapy. Often, this 5 minute video will be all you need.

icon for calm spot plus video PLUS Video: All the power of the Simple Video, with extra oomph for more persistent feelings or issues.

icon for the calm spot big three The Big Three: Techniques for overcoming the three main obstacles to positive change: Underlying Needs, Limiting Beliefs, and Negative Thinking Patterns.

icon for calm spot quick tips Quick Tips: Fast, effective techniques for conquering stress, anxiety and other unhelpful feelings, on-the-go. Also available offline when you install The Calm Spot as an app.

icon for calm spot daily inspiration Daily inspiration: Daily quotes for, well, inspiration!

Created with passion

The Calm Spot was created by New Zealand NLP Therapist and Coach Sylvia Guest. Sylvia is passionate about empowering others to live the happiest life possible. She created the app as a cost-effective, easy way for more people to benefit from the life-changing benefits of Eye Movement Integration (EMI) Therapy and other powerful NLP techniques.

“ Having witnessed (and experienced) the transformative power of EMI for recovery from issues such as anxiety, stress, trauma and depression, I really wanted to know if there was an easy and cost-effective way to make it available to more people. When I first came up with the animation idea, I wasn’t sure how effective it would be, particularly in a format suitable for using on phones.

Then on a whim I suggested a friend try the first 'draft' on my phone, to stop cigarette cravings. It worked beyond my wildest dreams! One run-through of the video and the cravings just went away. That was enough for me to get serious about turning the idea into a widely available app, and The Calm Spot was born.

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It's been a real labour of love, and in informal trials along the way, The Calm Spot has been used successfully by young and old for anxiety, PTSD, stress, and sleep issues, to name a few. It’s proven effective for calming hyperactive minds and bodies, and users have even reported benefits in areas they didn’t specifically address. And that was just with the initial version!

I can’t wait to see what people achieve with the full-featured app, and I'm excited that planning for a pilot clinical trial is underway.”

March 2021

It works everywhere

the calm spot works on all devices

You can simply treat The Calm Spot as a website and log in to use it on any device, or install as an app on your phone for optimum ease of use. An installation guide is included within the app.

Note: The app is intended for and optimised for phone use, so while it will work perfectly anywhere, some features may not look as pretty on larger screens!

It works for the whole family

cartoon cat family all ages

Because you don't need to understand The Calm Spot in order for it work, it's great for adults and children alike. In fact, "Go to The Calm Spot" is a great alternative to time out for children.

It's a safe, fast way to release pent-up emotions and energy that are often the drivers of unwanted behaviours.

Kids love how easy it is to use - and how calm it makes them feel. And that means more relaxation for you as well!

Pricing Model
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  • Just $16.00 NZD*
    *Approximately $12 USD/£8 GBP, depending on exchange rate at time of purchase
  • One low payment for lifetime access to all features
  • 7 day money-back satisfaction guarantee
  • Share your login with your family across all devices
  • No subscription
  • No advertising
  • No additional costs
  • Payment by credit/debit card via PayPal, with or without a PayPal account

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